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Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials for Migraines

Do you suffer from Migraines?

Panthera is looking for volunteers interested in taking part in clinical trials to help prevent Migraines.

Cancer Research

Cancer ResearchIf you’ve received a cancer diagnosis, it may be beneficial to take part in a clinical trial that aims to treat this. [email protected] are focusing on clinical trials in the following area’s; BladderBreastProstateLungAre you ready to take part in...

Medical Devices

Devices can be used to monitor medical conditions and to deliver treatments.
Examples include:

blood sugar monitors used in diabetes
injection devices for insulin and other medication
peak flow devices used in respiratory conditions
inhaler devices for respiratory conditions

Women’s Health

This covers various aspects of women’s health such as:

Menopausal symptoms
Polycystic ovaries
Female sexual dysfunction

Panthera Clinical Trials

Are you ready to take part in a clinical trial?

Start by registering your interest today

Panthera UK, Clinical Trials, Paid clinical trails, Panthera medical trials, Panthera Trials
Panthera UK, Clinical Trials, Paid clinical trails, Panthera medical trials, Panthera Trials
Panthera UK, Clinical Trials, Paid clinical trails, Panthera medical trials, Panthera Trials

Frequently asked questions

Will I get paid for taking part in a clinical trial at Panthera?

Dependent on the study, you may be reimbursed for your time, as well as travel costs, within reason. All financial reimbursements are study specific.

What is a Panthera clinic like?

Our facilities are beyond exceptional and exclusive to our patients and volunteers. With cutting-edge technology and highly experience clinicians, you’ll be in the best possible hands.
When you visit a Panthera clinic, you will benefit from the following –
• Free Wi-Fi
• Comfortable waiting area’s
• TV
• Refreshments such as hot drinks and water facilities
• If you are attending our Clinic for any length of time, or may have to fast for a blood test, we will make sure you receive nutritious and healthy snacks, as well as fresh fruit, and much more.
We’re committed to ensuring you are comfortable and that we take care of your well-being whilst at our facilities.

Can I choose which clinical trials I take part in?

Yes, you can review our study descriptions and choose which ones you would like to take part in. However, not all studies are suitable for every person. So we’ll make sure we keep you updated and inform you of any other studies that may be more appropriate, if the eligibility criteria for the study you are interested in are not met.

What if I change my mind?

You can stop participating in a medical trial at any time. We will provide you with support throughout the entire process. We would need to follow up with participants if they have started treatment.

Your safety and wellbeing are of the most importance to us.