COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Trials

We are looking for healthy volunteers to take part in upcoming clinical trials investigating potential new vaccines against COVID-19.


Where: Preston, Enfield (London), and Rochdale (Manchester)

When: From April / May 2021

Benefits: Volunteers eligible to take part in a clinical trial will receive:

  • COVID-19 test and complementary health check
  • Clinic appointments scheduled at your convenience
  • Reimbursement for time and reasonable travel expenses
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As you are aware, COVID-19 is a highly infectious disease, which has impacted nearly every aspect of life. The approval of COVID-19 vaccines is encouraging with tremendous efforts being made to find a way out of this pandemic. Although this is a significant step forward, there are still several other COVID-19 vaccine studies with different strategies and vaccine types ongoing or about to start.

It is also important to understand that different vaccines work in different ways. There is still much research needed about which vaccines work best for COVID-19 and which ones are best for certain groups of people (e.g. elderly people, etc.). We also need to collect information on the effectiveness of these different vaccines (e.g., preventing severe infection, preventing infections as a whole, preventing transmission). More questions need to be answered about these vaccines, such as type of administration (e.g., injection), strength and number of doses, and, last but not least, long-term safety.

If you do take part in these critical clinical trials with Panthera, you will be helping to contribute to the development of vaccines to prevent the spread of COVID-19, potentially helping thousands, if not millions, of people in the future.

At Panthera, our research is vital to advancing preventative medicine and vaccine development for COVID-19 to help limit transmission and save lives.

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If you are interested in finding out more and taking part in a clinical trial, please register your interest below.

Frequently asked questions

What is involved in a clinical trial?

To begin with, there will be an initial discussion with a member of the Panthera Clinic team who will ask you about your medical history and regular medications, to identify if any of our current clinical trials may be suitable for you. If we do not have anything for you at this time, with your permission we will keep your details on file and get in touch as and when a suitable clinical trial becomes available.

How long will a clinical trial last?

The length of a clinical trial is different each time.  If there is a clinical trial which may be suitable for you, you will be provided with an Information sheet that tells you everything you will need to know, which includes information about how long the particular trial will last before you decide whether to take part. This will also tell you the number of times you will be asked to attend the clinic and what is involved at each clinic visit.

Will I be reimbursed for my time?

You may be reimbursed up to £100 per visit and for travel costs within reason. All the information regarding payments will be noted in the study information sheet and discussed with you prior to making any commitments or attending for your first appointment.

What if I change my mind?

Participation in a clinical trial is entirely voluntary. If for any reason you are no longer able to commit to taking part, you can stop at any time. All you will need to do is inform the clinic you attend of your decision. You may need to attend the clinic for a final visit, this will be discussed with you when you consent to take part in the clinical trial.