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Why get involved in clinical trials?

Cancer Research

If you’ve received a cancer diagnosis, it may be beneficial to take part in a clinical trial that aims to treat this.

Clinical trials are an effective way of testing new medications, treatments and devices against those already available, to understand their benefits and effectiveness, as well as other aspects before public use.

[email protected] are committed to ensuring that everyone can access the very best in treatment for cancer now and in the future, providing all cancer patients with the opportunity to get involved with clinical research and gain access to the most impactful treatments with potential benefits to improve health and quality of life.

The benefits of taking part in cancer research

People choose to participate in cancer research clinical trials for reasons that may be personal to them.

Whatever motivates you to get involved, [email protected] will support you throughout your participation, with a transparent and open process, ensuring you are aware of everything that’s happening at every step of the way.

[email protected] provides a warm and welcoming environment, with an amazing team of clinical and non-clinical staff always on hand to provide first-class cancer care and personalised support.

You will also be provided with;

  • regular routine health checks;
  • specialist advice and support from the clinical team throughout;
  • help with transport to and from centres if required;
  • complimentary refreshments, hot and cold drinks as well as healthy snacks.

Making a difference for cancer patients

Few people realise that all medication and treatments being prescribed will have undergone rigorous testing for years before it is approved for use. Thousands upon thousands of volunteers all over the world have taken part in clinical research, ultimately making a difference for every one of us.

By participating in our cancer research clinical trials, our patients provide a valuable contribution to the information that can be gathered on the safety and effectiveness of new treatments and medication being tested.

This in turn has a positive impact on the acceleration of new medications, which benefits future generations with finding new effective treatments for all sorts of health conditions, including cancer.

Clinical trials at the Rutherford

The [email protected] collaboration ensures that our cancer patients have the opportunity to hear about and participate in clinical trials which may be suitable for them. With patients being supported and cared for in our high-quality facilities by expert research and clinical staff.

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Contact our Panthera team today to learn more about our clinical trial opportunities available at the Rutherford Cancer Centres.

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