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Supporting clinical research

Clinical studies are an effective way of testing medications and devices to understand their benefits and effectiveness, and all other aspects of a trial medication or treatment prior to public use.

Our clinical studies are vitally important so that we know how effective new treatments are when compared against existing treatments already on the market. Getting involved in clinical research will potentially benefit individuals, but also future generations, such as children and grandchildren in the future. Our aim is to ensure that everyone has the chance to get involved and improve health and quality of life.

You’ll be contributing to medical research and the advancement of medical interventions, ensuring that future generations receive the very best in medication, products, and devices.

If you’ve been diagnosed with a condition, it may be beneficial to take part in a study that aims to treat this, giving you access to advanced medication or treatment, which ultimately could deliver better results. Take a look at the full benefits below.

Benefits to you

  • If you have a particular condition or disease, you’ll get access to treatment that isn’t currently available to others with the same condition.
  • You’re in control of your own health, making choices for yourself
  • You’ll be actively participating in the advancement of medical treatments, which could help thousands of people in the future
  • Transparent and open process, ensuring you’re aware of everything that’s happening at every step of the way
  • Your health will be constantly and consistently monitored

Benefits to others

  • Finding new ways to treat or prevent a condition or disease, so that quality of life is improved, and survival rates increase
  • Potentially helping hundreds of thousands of people live longer, healthier lives

Benefits to research

  • Help to see if the benefits of the new treatment out-weigh the side effects that could possibly occur using existing treatments
  • Utilising the most experienced and specialist clinicians to provide research expertise
  • Producing research data that can be used to support further medical trials and accelerate the drug development process

Make a difference

Help us to help you and your loved ones!

By participating in clinical research you are providing a valuable contribution to the information that we gather on the safety and effectiveness of new treatments and medicines being tested. By taking part you would be making a positive impact on the acceleration of bringing new medication to the market, which in turn will greatly benefit future generations and finding new effective treatments for all sorts of health conditions.

Not many people know this, but all medication being prescribed or sold to you over the counter will have undergone rigorous testing for years before it is approved for use. Thousands upon thousands on volunteers all over the world have taken part in trials which really does prove that together we can make a huge difference.

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Panthera UK, Clinical Trials, Paid clinical trails, Panthera medical trials, Panthera Trials
Panthera UK, Clinical Trials, Paid clinical trails, Panthera medical trials, Panthera Trials
Panthera UK, Clinical Trials, Paid clinical trails, Panthera medical trials, Panthera Trials

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